Puron Refrigerant

Environmentally sound, chlorine-free Puron® Refrigerant is the refrigerant of the future. As companies worldwide race to upgrade to chlorine-free refrigerants, Bryant is proud to be among the first manufacturers to develop cooling products using non-ozone-depleting Puron Refrigerant.

At Bryant we've leveraged our long history of developing solid heating and cooling products to build an entire line of heating and cooling products with Puron Refrigerant, available right now to make your home more comfortable.


Why Puron Refrigerant?

Under the 1990 Clean Air Act, R-22–the longtime industry standard refrigerant used in most air conditioning and heat pump systems–must be phased out by 2010 because it is an ozone-depleting substance.

Bryant's broad testing in hundreds of thousands of homes has proven that Puron Refrigerant is superior to R-22 not only in environmental safety, but in performance and cost-saving energy efficiency. These great results have made Puron Refrigerant the universally accepted, long-term refrigerant of the future for the heating and cooling industry.

Is Puron Refrigerant Right For You?

If you are considering upgrading your air conditioner or heat pump, keep in mind that Bryant's Puron Refrigerant-based products offer several benefits, including:

  • Cost-Saving Energy Efficiency – Most of our Puron Refrigerant air conditioners and heat pumps offer higher efficiency ratings. Puron Refrigerant's heat-transfer properties create higher-efficiency performance.
  • Future Cost Of Service Savings – Because of U.S. government restrictions on future production, refrigerants with ozone-harming CFCs, the refrigerant used in most of today's heat pumps and air conditioners, will become harder to find and, eventually, more expensive. Upgrading to Puron Refrigerant now can help you avoid the potential rising cost of servicing most of today's air conditioners and heat pumps.
  • Reliability – Bryant air conditioners and heat pumps with Puron Refrigerant have become the most reliable products in our entire line.
  • Quiet Operation – Many of the air conditioners and heat pumps with Puron Refrigerant also offer Bryant's Silencer AeroQuiet™ System for quieter operation.

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