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Dear Leigh,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the technicians from Georgia Cooling for doing such a wonderful job when it came to installing our A/C unit. On June 16, 2011,  Chris Jones came over and inspected our unit and discovered that it was necessary to get a new one.  He took his time and explained every detail to me and was very patient with answering my questions.  He was very respectful and caring and most importantly very thorough with his job.  I had the same experience with John Wood who made suggestions as to how the new unit would be installed and ensured me that if any future repairs were needed, it would be placed in an area that would have easy access.  I have to say that it looks so much better in the new spot!!!

Kevin and Mike came on June 17, 2011 and were just as wonderful!! As hot as it was, they worked very hard and made sure that our unit was installed in a timely manner.  They too were very understanding when it came to my concerns and answered any questions that I had.  They took their time and showed me how the new unit worked and functioned.  For someone who isn't exactly knowledgeable on A/C units, they made it possible for me to understand!! The payment plan is an added bonus to the wonderful service that you already provide and I thank John Wood for going over the details of that with me.

I TRULY thank everyone at Georgia Cooling for being so kind and caring when it came to our needs.  I will most certainly refer you to my friends and neighbors if they need any assistance with their own A/C units!!

You all at Georgia Cooling are an outstanding group of individuals and it was truly my pleasure dealing with you!!

A very happy and "cool" client,
-Annie Dearth

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